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CHARLIE’S ANGELS has been in business since 1999 and is family own & operated. In 2007,  Charlie's Angels down sized from a full-line pet store to specialize in our 4 legged canine friends.  Charlie's family having  raise puppies in the 60's and 70's became very knowledgeable on the care and raising of puppies, especially chihuahua.   Charlie and Lorraine the owners  make sure they and their staff stay knowledgeable, informed and educated.   The owners and staff attend several educational seminars on care, breeding, and grooming  annually. We do not push the sale of pets, we encourage our customers to research and think about it before buying or adopting. Remember a pet is a life-long commitment.

We have pure-bred,  designer breeds and even rescue and re-homing pets for adoption.

After the sale we are still here to help educate. Any questions or concern the customer can call anytime day or night.
In training, all customers are told to be P.F.C. patience, firm, and consistent.

Charlie’s Angels carries a wide variety of pet products, quality foods , a professional  pet grooming salon. and doggie daycare.

Come see the difference, it's worth the drive!!!   We'll be looking forward in meeting you.


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